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Posted by Kerry Vallins on January 2, 2018

Did you know that accents and regional dialects could have an impact on a child’s education?

For eLearning providers, the voice talent they use to deliver their training materials could have an effect on the impact of the lessons they’re trying to teach, as well as overall sales potential.

The eLearning market is in good health – and it’s predicted to grow even further globally according to research by docebo, which also points out that advancing technology and the connectivity options afforded by the internet will help eLearners access materials in unique new ways across various channels and devices.

Though this is good for those providing eLearning resources, it can count for little if they don’t use the correct creative approach complemented by engaging voice talent to boost the impact of their materials, especially when it comes to the education sector.

Boost your educational impact with a voice talent agency

As well as helping partner eLearning providers with the absolute best voice actors possible to deliver their messages, working with the right voice talent agency can also help you to identify the best approach to enter global markets and partner you with voice talent proficient in a large number of regional dialects.

So, why is dialect so important when it comes to eLearning materials? A new study published by the Journal of the Acoustical Society of America suggests that babies growing up in homes with a common language spoken in varying accents can have a seriously positive impact on their understanding of language.

Those who grow up experiencing the same words spoken in different dialects gives them a greater understanding of those words when compared against infants who grow up only hearing a uniform dialect. It can help give the former a greater grasp of language and understand those words when spoken in different contexts.

That can have an impact on those developing eLearning tools for certain markets. Using voice talent with heavy regional dialects could go some way to alienating parts of your market, underlining exactly why research is critical when sourcing the right voice actors to deliver your eLearning materials.

Voice talent can promote eLearning to global audiences

Regional dialects don’t just affect infants. They can have a serious impact on higher education, too. An academic has recently suggested that students have trust issues with lecturers at universities who aren’t native speakers, and don’t attend their seminars.

Dutch students attending the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences don’t take lecturers from Indonesia “seriously” Charlotte Schmidt suggests, whilst highlighting studies that she says back up her claims. One study in a paper Schmidt has produced suggests that 40% of undergraduates avoided taking classes taught by foreign teaching assistants.

Across the eLearning industry, the voice actors you use could go a long way to improving the impact of your materials whether they’re supplying software for younger markets, to complement higher education materials or online training in workplaces. Choosing the right voice over can mean the difference between an engaging, digestible training module or a dull, uninformative waste of resources. Don’t want it to be the latter? Connect with a voice over agency who can help you get it right.

Voice Talent Online is an agency dedicated to working with software providers and eLearning specialists to help them find the right voice actors for their needs. Contact us today to find out more.


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