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Posted by Kerry Vallins on February 20, 2018

If you’re looking to reach out to potential new business, using an online voice talent strategy represents an exciting opportunity to take on popular audio-centric platforms.

Radio is no longer the only option for audio advertising. Thanks to the internet, there are a number of popular audio channels available that are growing at a phenomenal rate worldwide that advertisers can take advantage of with professional online voice talent to attract new markets.

Spotify is the obvious one, where many advertisers are taking advantage of the growing platform with the use of professional voice talent. Another area that businesses shouldn’t overlook is the expanding podcast market which is consistently being labelled as ‘an advertiser’s dream’ by those that work in the industry. One of the most popular podcast services at the moment is Audioboom.

Capturing podcast listeners with the right online voice talent

Speaking to Econsultancy in January, Oli Walters, head of sales at podcast platform Audioboom, outlined exactly what an opportunity working with them could provide to marketers.

“We’ve got roughly 60 million listeners across our whole network, with offices in the UK, in the US, India, and Australia. We also help podcasts find advertising and vice versa,” he says.

Most important are his thoughts on engagement: “We did a study back in March and concluded that 65% of all people that listened to a podcast went on to trial a product or service that they heard in the message.

“That is really strong engagement – and of course one of the reasons for that is because people are really listening. They’ve actively chosen to listen to the podcast, so they’re not just accidentally hearing a message – they’re totally tuned into what the podcaster has to say.”

According to Midroll data, listeners make it through 90% of a podcast with few opting to skip past advertisements. With the amount advertisers spend on podcasts reaching an estimated $220 million in 2017, it seems that this area of rapid growth offers incredible engagement and has the potential to provide fantastic returns for advertisers.

Choose the best voice talent when podcast advertising

For brands who are serious about reaching out to podcast listeners, working with the best online voice talent allows them to not only create advertisements for new audiences, but also grow their strongholds in a growing digital market.

It makes commercial sense for those looking to reach out to international audiences. Working with multilingual voice talent can help brands to repurpose existing content, and to reach out to global audiences through the most popular and engaging podcasting platforms.

Find out more about the amazing benefits of podcast advertising and building an online voice over strategy to reach out to those markets with Voice Talent Online.


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