Retailers can connect with customers using online voice talent

Posted by Kerry Vallins on October 30, 2017

Artificial intelligence (AI) is going a long way to helping companies grow, but research shows that by incorporating a more personalized approach (such as providing customers with audio information via a professional voice talent) could potentially provide even better results. Take Shop Direct in the UK, for example. The Liverpool-based retailer has recently announced it […]

Voice talents can demonstrate core business values

Posted by Kerry Vallins on October 26, 2017

Despite the rise in personalization and artificial intelligence (AI) technology in the retail space, consumer trust in brands continues to be stuck on something of a downward trend; something that working with the right voice talent could help you fix. More than anything, having a trusting two-way relationship with consumers is key to growth and […]

Five steps to finding the perfect voice over online

Posted by Kerry Vallins on October 16, 2017

It can be easier than you think to find a professional voice over artist online if you look in the right places – but what are the right places? We say that because it’s more important than ever to evaluate your options in a crowded online marketplace. Working with a specialist voice over agency can […]