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“Dub” ‘07’- The Voice Secrets Behind 007

Posted by Dorita Dahl-Foreman on December 4, 2019

Ursula Andress

The new James Bond movie, ‘No Time to Die’ is almost upon us. VTO uncovers a surprising secret behind the 007 franchise! During the long history of Bond movies, the stunnin...

Black Friday Offer

Posted by Dorita Dahl-Foreman on November 27, 2019

Black Friday Offer

It's a whopper of an offer from Voice Talent Online! Black Friday offer - 20% off EVERYTHING! Please quote code Call us now on: +44 (0) 800 1422 492 (UK) ...

“Can we do it? Yes, we can!”

Posted by Dorita Dahl-Foreman on

Michael working on project

VTO's Michael PM'd this one. At VTO we’ll always do our best to meet your needs and exceed expectations. So when a major pharmaceutical company contacted us needing a...

Business Awards Finalists

Posted by Dorita Dahl-Foreman on

It has been an exciting autumn for Voice Talent Online! We think we work for a great business, but how do we actually stack up against other businesses? It turns out we stack ...

Voice Talent Online’s Top 10 Animated Characters with American Voiceovers

Posted by Dorita Dahl-Foreman on November 1, 2019


1. Betty Boop A cultural icon from the 1930s and still widely recognisable nearly 90 years after her original appearance—Betty Boop is certainly worth a mention. But w...

The Truth About Halloween

Posted by Dorita Dahl-Foreman on October 28, 2019

When we think of Halloween nowadays, we think of children dressing up as ghouls, witches and so much more, turning up on our doorstep to trick-or-treat. Or perhaps for those o...

Voice Talent Online Announced as Gravesham Business Awards 2019 Finalists

Posted by Dorita Dahl-Foreman on September 20, 2019

Gravesham Business Awards Finalist Logo

At Voice Talent Online we think that we work for a great company, but how do we stack up against other businesses in the area, many from such different sectors? Turns out we do...

Why Audio as an Afterthought is a Costly Mistake for a Brand

Posted by Dorita Dahl-Foreman on August 5, 2019

Voices from all over the world

Admit it - we have all at some stage been asked to sit down in front of a computer and watch an extremely boring e-learning module. Whether it was a training course, a ne...

Cultural Authenticity – A Seismic Shift for Hollywood

Posted by Dorita Dahl-Foreman on July 22, 2019


Disney’s animation movie Moana was a huge hit - amassing worldwide sales of over US $640 million! What made it so special? Culture The story of Moana is set within the...

Voice Talent Online Welcomes Stuart

Posted by Dorita Dahl-Foreman on June 21, 2019


As Voice Talent Online keeps on growing, we have been very busy recruiting this spring. We have not only recruited more voice talents in a multitude of languages, but have al...
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